For those of you who read Become A Successful Author, Deatri promised to leave an editable copy of the Table of Contents for you. Here it is: Become A Successful Author Table Of Contents. Here are the other items promised from the book: Dirty Little Secret, Query Letter Layout.

Below are the links from the book and a few additional resources you may find useful. The links are checked once a month, but if you find one that does not work, please use the Contact page to let Deatri know.

Author Beware

Piers Anthony
Preditors & Editors
Writer Beware

Continuing Education
Lynda Software Tutorials
Media Bistro
Writer’s Digest University

Discount Software

Journey Ed
Text to Speech (freeware)


Can Stock Photo
Clickr (royalty free)
Earth Resources Observation and Science
GettyImages (pay site)
FotoSearch (pay site)
iStockphoto (pay site)
Library of Congress Images (pay site)
Public Domain Pictures
ShutterShock (pay site)
Uncle Sam’s Photos
U.S. Goverment Images

Marketing Materials and Sales

Club Flyers
Next Day Flyers
QR Code Stuff
Square Up


Authors Guild
Association of Authors’ Representatives
Horror Writers Association
International Thriller Writers
Mystery Writers of America
National Writers Union
Organizations by State
Romance Slam Jam Organization
Romance Writers of America
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Sisters in Crime
Society of Children’s Book Writers and

Western Writers of America
Writers Guild of America


ISBN & Barcode
Library of Congress Control Number


Blog Talk Radio
Book Tour
Yahoo Groups
Nook Boards


Association of Authors’ Representatives
The Public Domain
Weather Underground
Writers Market

Extensive List of Reviewers
Foresight Publishing

Self Publish

All Romance eBooks (eBook)
Calibre (eBook)
Create Space (print)
Kobo (eBook)
MobiPocket (eBook)
iStore (eBook)
Kindle Direct Publishing (eBook)
Lightning Source (print)
Nook Press (eBook)
Ganxy (Sell your books)
Sell Your Own Downloads

Social Media

Linked in

Web Tools

123 Contact Form
Amazon Author Central
Blog Grader
Constant Contact
Facebook Grader
Go Free
Google Analytics
Hoot Suite
Mail Chimp
Microsoft Live Movie Maker
Networked Blogs
Page Modo
QR Codes
Random Number Generator
Twitter Grader
Website Grader



Writing and Stuff

Author Tech Tips
Become A Successful Author
Boost Blog Traffic
Character Therapist
Characters Make Your Story
Chicago Manual of Style
Daily Writing Tips
Guide to Writing and Publishing
Kristen Lamb’s Blog
Publishing Perspective
Publishing Trends
Techniques of a Selling Author
Tekk Buzz (Learn about Social Media)
The Blood Red Pencil
Writer’s Digest Books


Become A Successful Author is used in the “How To Write That Novel” course at Chicago State because it covers everything from branding to writing to editing to formatting and uploading electronic and print books to marketing and so much more. Your time is money. Look at all the time, thus money, you’ll save by ending your search for answers: Purchase Become A Successful Author (eBook) for only $4.99 from: Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble  or print copies for only $9.99.


4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Sharon Stewart

    This is a very useful page, with lots of leads for the aspiring (or even seasoned) authors. I’ll recommend it on Facebook (several of my FB friends are published authors).

  2. G.P. Schultz

    Sent 15 book review requests to the reviewers on your list and only received one reply. Sent 40 to Amazon reviewers with no replies. These book reviewer lists don’t seem to pan out. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for your help.

    1. Deatri Post author

      Hello G.P. parts of what I’m about to say may not sit well with you, but it needs to be said. So here are the reasons you may not be getting a response.

      1. How much time did you give? Many review teams are doing this on a volunteer basis and check their email a few hours a week. What they do not get through, they wait until the next time and start where they left off. So it can take over a month for them to see your request. This is one of the reasons why I suggest people start seeking reviews at least six months prior to their release date.

      2. Did you follow their guidelines? Many authors write one request and expect it to work for every place they send a request to. Just like how one changes his/her cover letter for each particular job he/she applies for, you should change your request accordingly. A few small changes usually will do.

      3. The publishing industry is one of the rudest industries out there. Rude and disrespectful. Doctor’s offices are second on my list of rude and disrespectful. Back to publishing. Unfortunately, many review teams have fallen into the poor behavior habits or the larger industry.
      a. Not all entries are treated the same. Many times if the review team has a relationship with you, your request make it to the front of the line, otherwise you have to wait.
      b. Many times if they do not want to review your book, they do not reply at all.

      I am truly sorry you are having a difficult time. The best thing I can tell you is to follow the guidelines for the review sites, and I truly hope you can get a few reviews. If they say how long their turnaround time for a response is, double it then send a follow-up query. If they don’t, give them six weeks then send another request (follow-up) saying that you understand that email isn’t 100%, so you are resending the request you sent on XX/XX/XXXX and thank them for their time and consideration.

      I know it’s hard breaking in, but once you do find teams to review your work, be sure to continue to use them and be sure to support that team. For example, Rawsistaz and APOOO have always reviewed my books. They also have advertisements on their site. I don’t usually pay for advertisements, but since these two teams have always reviewed my books (without asking for pay or for me to advertize with them) I decided to support them by taking out an ad this go around. It’s kind of my thanks for all the support over the many novels. And no, they haven’t loved all of my books. SMILE.

      Good luck,


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