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  1. Renee Wiggins

    Hello Deatri- I like your web site. The last six week, I was taking an online “How to Start Your Own Publishing Company”. I learned a lot and then I came across your name on linkedin. Your article is very informative and helpful. I am determine to start my own publishing company on Self-Help Books. I am a Registerd dietitian, Personal Trainer and Certified Massage Therapist, Health and Wellness Coach and Christian Life Coach. I have written” Can I Exercise Sitting Down?” “Transformations:Give Up The Struggle?, and Stress Down and Lift UP. and hopefully release “Dancing Through the Storm” , next year.
    Thanks for the different book signing ideas too. I will wear my T -Shirt and I will carry my bag with my books name on it. Thanks for the idea.
    I am planning do a teleconfernce in January:Transformation: Breaking down the barriers that lead to being overweight.

    1. Deatri Post author

      Thank you for dropping by Renee. Wow a dietician. I’ve been looking for a eCookbook geared toward people with crohn’s disease and only found two and one of them had items in there people with Crohn’s disease shouldn’t eat. That’s sad. Just giving an idea.

      I absolutley love the title: Can I Exercise Sitting Down? Makes me want to buy the book just from the title.
      Good luck and come on back,


        1. Deatri Post author

          My dad’s side of the family has issues with diabeties. Even I have sugar issues. But there are a lot of books about that. I was thinking since you are a dietician, you can branch into an area not covered so much also. So I hope you take the idea and run with it. Let me know if you do so I can purchase the book and spread the word.

          Anywhoooo, do what works for you.


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