Become A Successful Author Reboot by Deatri King-Bey

I can’t believe that it’s been three years since Become A Successful Author was first release. What I believe even less is how much the publishing industry has changed since then.

Three years ago, Borders went out of business along with numerous other bookstores. Kindles and Nooks ate up so much of the book market that many said print books would soon be a thing of the past.

Well, print books are here to stay. Even Amazon is opening its first physical bookstore.

Back to Become A Successful Author. The publishing world is ever changing, so I had to update the book. Yep. The second edition is out. I’ve removed irrelevant sections, beefed up others and added a few articles. If you have an ecopy, be sure to check with your bookseller. Many of them give free updates when a title has changed considerably.

It’s October, so it’s time to close the Become A Successful Author blog until February 2015. While we’re on break, be sure to catch up on previous posts, and if you haven’t gotten your copy of Become a Successful Author, get your copy today. It’s full of GOOD STUFF.

Purchase the print ($9.99) or eBook ($4.99) AmazonBarnes & Noble

Happy Holidays
Deatri King-Bey