Author Interview Prep by Kisha Green

Kisha GreenLet’s start with the basics. If you are interested in being featured on a radio show or on a website and etc., first contact the person who is in charge of that and send them your electronic press kit (EPK). This should include but not limited to;

  • Book Cover jpeg
  • Synopsis
  • Page Count
  • Genre
  • Distribution Information
  • Publisher
  • Author/ Publisher website
  • Book Reviews
  • Author Bio

The same check list applies if you are contacting a bookstore about carrying your book but also include flyers and bookmarks (if possible visit the store and deliver your information personally so the owner can get a face with the name/book).

After sending your press kits, wait about a week and then follow up. Do NOT harass anyone asking them “Did they get it yet?” that is annoying and you do not want to get on anyone’s nerves and you haven’t even got the confirmation that you will be interviewed or featured.

Make sure you are in a quiet place when time to do your radio interview. Pay attention to the host but try to relax because listeners will be able to pick up on you being nervous. You do not want dead air or a lot of pauses so make sure you can answer the basics about yourself and your book. Do not try to sound scripted but you do want to appear you know what you are talking about. If it is a written interview, make sure you answer all of the questions thoroughly.

Just like your book is a direct reflection of you, so is your interview.

Good Luck!

Kisha Green

Kisha Green is a Author/Publisher who has a passion for writing and sharing her witty personality with many through social media. For more info about Kisha, visit her website and you can also follow her on Twitter @KishaGreen

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