Simple Summer Tips by Kisha Green

Kisha GreenSummer is a great time of the year because as an author there are a lot of events that take place and depending on your budget you can make it to all of them.

I know someone reading is like “Yeah right, Kisha, I don’t have a Stephen King budget” and duh silly rabbit- I know that too.

This is where you become clever and make your book’s presence known even if you cannot physically be there. Meaning the only budget you need is for your promotional materials instead of travel and hotel accommodations.

This is when social media comes in and is indeed a blessing since you can utilize those Facebook friends. Talk and engage in conversations with your fellow author friends to see what events are happening in other states.

Build a rapport with other authors that will not mind having your promo items at their table/display. This is a win/win for both parties and most importantly this is great exposure.

Promotional materials are just not limited to bookmarks and post cards. In this day and age anything can be a promo item. These are some of the popular ones but not limited to.

Key chains
Post It’s
Water Bottles
Lip Balm

These items can be sent to your author friend and they can place your items on their table and you are there without having to physically be there, because let’s face everybody likes freebies.

Here are some sites that are great for getting cool items.

Here are some literary events taking place this Summer.


Book Expo America

Nantucket Book Festival
Nantucket, MA

American Library Association Book Conference
Chicago, IL

3rd Trenton Festival
Trenton, NJ

Harlem Book Fair
Harlem, NY

Romance Writer’s of America Conference
Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, GA

National Book Club Conference

New England Independent Booksellers Association Conference
Providence, RI

Baltimore Book Festival
Baltimore, MD

Best of luck and Happy Summer!

Kisha Green is a author  who has a passion for writing and sharing her witty personality with many through social media. For more info about Kisha, visit her website and you can also follow her on Twitter @KishaGreen

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