Kisha’s Literary Jewel by Kisha Green

Self Publishing can be a truly rewarding experience but only if you take the NECESSARY and PROPER steps to fully understand all of the responsibilities a author takes on when deciding to self publish instead of seeking publishing with a traditional publishing houses.

RESEARCH is so vital because without this you will always be at an disadvantage, with the popularity of social media, authors can now access a lot of information that at one time they would have to pay for.

All information is not good information so you must research who is giving you that said advice in publishing. Everyone does not understand it or even implement it in their own business practice.

Asking a bunch of people from various sources is not effective especially when the sources don’t know much more than you do. This is a potential train wreck waiting to happen with the blind leading the blind. Conducting your own extensive research will be more beneficial and rewarding to you in the long run.

By asking many questions does show your eagerness to learn but also shows your peers your aren’t willing to take on the simple task of basic research yourself but instead accustomed to relying on others for source of information.

As a publisher your are not looking independent and this might make a potential author seek publishing elsewhere. Remember GOOGLE is your friend.

Kisha Green

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One thought on “Kisha’s Literary Jewel by Kisha Green

  1. Krystol Diggs

    I agree 100%! Research is key!! I use google and call certain places to get the facts! Not to mention books on publishing, being a publisher, and self publishing are more accurate then asking people for info. Great blog Kish!

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