Writer’s Block Blues by Kisha Green

You have this awesome idea for a great novel and you can see it being written, published and then the ultimate…A movie…That’s right move over Terry McMillan there is a new sheriff in town and she likes stilettos, expensive mascara and designer bags.

You sit down at your desk for a writing session that is sure to go down in history as one of the best stories ever told.

Yeah…That was what was supposed to happen. All I knew was that I wanted to write to get these stories out of my head, not factoring my head and fingers had not consulted with each to see if that is indeed the direction I should be going in.

What has happened to poor ole Kisha and her future best seller???? I will tell you, I caught the dreadful disease called Writer’s Block and unbeknownst to me it had decided to take up space in my head while I go crazy trying to bring the story to fruition.

How did I get diagnosed with this right before I was due to complete a novel? Well…It is called distraction and time management or in this case lack thereof.

Let’s examine the time management part since that is a major requirement to complete ANY task.

Time management is hard but if you can dedicate at least one hour a day you should be ok. You just have to be doing something constructive whether it is outlining or simply researching for the outline. If you are ready to write then commit to at least 350 words and before you know it you will be complete.

Give yourself a deadline and if it is ultimately important enough to you, you will make the time. This is the basics when you have a bunch of ideas floating in your head, otherwise your thought will be rambled which produces rambled writing that will lose your reader within the first chapter. So avoid this make an outline and refer to it often or you be stuck sitting in front of an open document and a blinking cursor!


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