Sharing Is Caring


If that were true then we would have a world of shiny happy people who walked around all cheery. The real word exists so we can’t really do that …

Here on this wonderful social networking site there is a button titled SHARE, and what this means is if you feel that the information you have viewed is of benefit to others, you can share it with others.

This is an easy and cool concept, right? Yes, I too agree, but what happens is that we do not utilize this FREE service because…. Yeah, exactly, no reason, we just don’t want to…

I believe if you want support, you have to actually support others, and trust me, there are ways you can support someone without spending money.

A lot of us are in the literary business so we are constantly promoting our books. So if you cannot afford to buy that authors book, why not promote the book on your site or page for them.

Why? Because you support them and only want the best for he/she right? You would want someone to do the same for you right?


No, this commentary isn’t the cure all for all those in the world needing support, but sometimes you need to read something to understand it clearly. Here is my thing. If you do not want to support the person and not at all concerned with seeing him/her grow and become a success, why do you have them on your friends list, follow them, visit their blog… if you aren’t willing to support them?

If you are doing this to keep tabs on a person, that is lame… EXTRA lame and what should be done immediately is you should delete yourself and keep it moving.


I am not jealous or envious of anyone in this literary world because we all are striving for success and it will come. I am a success in my own right. I have accomplished a lot that many will not accomplish in their lifetime, that isn’t me being cocky or arrogant, but it’s my true feeling and as being a firm believer of everything can be obtained if you seek success can only come into fruition if you are focused and determined.

We are here to network, and if you are serious about it, pressing the SHARE button should not be such a hard obstacle. This isn’t high school, even though some people do carry on online like it is indeed Facebook High where a few corny few think a high friend count means they are suddenly “cool.”

Anyhoo- What I am ultimately trying to convey is EACH ONE TEACH ONE

Just don’t think you can get support from the very same people you aren’t willing to support.

If you cannot help someone, then tell them just that you can’t help them. but if you can help-


We are all on here to network, so if that is true shouldn’t that networking be EFFECTIVE???

Kisha Green

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3 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring

  1. Shelia Goss

    Kisha, yes indeed. I wish more had your type of attitude. We’re all in this together. I was an avid reader long before being a published author so it comes natural for me to share information on other books that interest me or if I think it may interest someone else.

  2. Stacy-Deanne

    I love this! This is so touching and it is the exact opposite of what I posted about with the writer jealousy. Sharing is caring. I am all for cross promotion and promoting other authors. I think it’s a wonderful thing and one of the best ways to get the word out about your own work.

  3. Deatri Post author

    Great article Kisha. I’m with you 100%. Sometimes I wonder about the silliness that people share and repost, yet they don’t share something that truly helps others.

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