Open Every Door of Opportunity

W. Terry WhalinAs an author, I want to knock on lots of different doors of opportunity then be prepared to march through any of them when they open. It takes courage to often knock in the face of rejection but the opportunities will never come if you don’t continue trying. I know those last statements are not real profound. You would be surprised how many would-be authors give up during the journey. They should continue growing in their craft and ability to write. Plus they need to continue knocking on the doors of opportunity.

As an illustration, I’m going to use my Book Proposals That Sell. This proven book continues to help various writers with their dreams of getting a traditional publisher for their book. Last week I heard from another author who had used the information in this book and received a book contract. I’d much rather have someone pay me to write a book through writing a book proposal than self-publish (or pay someone else) to get the book into print. There are many reasons to take this route yet many have not found the right keys to open that door.

If you’ve read some of my work in my blog called The Writing Life, you know I’ve worked hard (and continue to work hard) to get the word out about the results from Book Proposals That Sell. I continue to sell and promote the trade paperback through different channels. This promotion will continue as I speak at different conferences in the months ahead and other means. Many readers have encouraged their friends to purchase the book. A number of my editor and agent friends will hold up the book at other conferences and I use a number of other resources to spread the word about this product.

Some time ago I opened another door of opportunity for this book. Now anyone reading these words can promote Book Proposals That Sell to your own Ezine or your own audience—and profit from it financially. I hold the exclusive electronic rights for this book. I’ve created an electronic version of the book and created an affiliate program. You can see my promotional page for this book at this link. You can join my affiliate program here. The affiliate program is a simple registration form (three minutes or less to complete). You will have access to various promotional tools such as advertising you can use in an email or your Ezine or banner ads you can use in HTML newsletters or on your personal website. Why would you do it? I’m going to send you 50% of the profits for any sales from it (much higher than’s Associate program or almost any other means). My affiliate program has a number of products and promotional tools which are free for anyone who joins the program.

In the past, I’ve attempted to get publishers and literary agents to include the book as a recommended resource. A few people (not many) have taken this step and included the book on their websites. Now I’ve increased their motivation because they can actually earn money from the recommendation. I was trying to appeal to their noble nature and get better book proposals—which I know firsthand comes from someone reading and applying this information. If you have an Ezine or a website or an email list of people who dream of getting a book published, go over to this link and sign up for the Affiliate program, then apply the information wherever you can do it.

I want to knock on every door of opportunity and help as many people as possible to create an excellent book proposal. After reading thousands of proposals and even writing two proposals that earned a six-figure advance, I understand that you have seconds to grab the attention of an agent or editor. My goal is for you to be successful as a writer. Some people say that traditional publishing is over and it is impossible to get a royalty book deal. That’s not true. Every day agents and editors are actively looking for excellent projects. The truth is that many of the pitches need more work and refinement.

What can you do to produce an excellent proposal? The absolute best step in my view is to join my 12 lesson three month online Write A Book Proposal course. You will gain my current teaching about how to create an eye-catching proposal. My goal is for every writer to produce a better proposal because with a better proposal, you will have increased opportunities from literary agents and editors. I wish you every success.

W. Terry Whalin, a writer and editor, lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has written more than 60 nonfiction books including Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams. His website is located at:

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