Question to Authors. Do you have a website? Why not?

Iris BollingAs an author you have to have an online presence. One of the first things people do today when they hear about something new is Google it. If you don’t have a website how are they going to find you? Don’t know much about establishing a website? Okay, here’s a little insight to Website 101. Is this all that’s to it? No, but it is enough to get you thinking!

It does not take a rocket scientist to establish a website. (At times I think it takes one to maintain it, but that’s for another day).  First get a Domain Name. You can search through our friend Google to find a domain host. is who I work with, but there are others. When you name your site, DON’T GO CRAZY! Keep it simple. Your website will be your picture to the world, yes—the world. Make it easy to find and a reflection of you as an author. For example, my name is Iris Bolling. My website is You can’t get simpler than that. When someone Google’s my name the website is the first item to appear.

Keep the cost as low as possible when establishing your site. Microsoft Office Live has a really nice simple website that does not cost you anything to establish. My publishing company Siri Enterprises website is hosted by Microsoft Office at It’s not fancy, but it shows my books, synopsis, how to purchase, videos and everything you need to establish an online presence. You can even have PayPal attached to sell directly from your website.

Last, fill your pages with information about you, your books, and upcoming events. Keep your readers up to date on releases, reviews of your work and most of all, what’s coming next. If blogging is your thing, establish a blog that will keep traffic coming to your site.

Being an author, traditionally or self-published, you have to promote yourself and your work. Having a website gives you an online presence and an opportunity to establish your platform. Hummm, “Platform”? What do I mean by that? That’s something else you need to consider as an author…..Until the next time.

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