The Writer’s Love Affair

Shelia M. Goss
Shelia M. Goss

The relationship between a writer and a reader can equate to a love affair. First it’s the courting period. Before the first date, the writer must introduce themselves and their book title. The title should be catchy; something easy for the reader to remember. Don’t be shy. Tease the reader with a short synopsis about your book.

If you’re feeling risqué, now would be the time to flirt a little by allowing the reader a sneak peek of the book by offering a chapter excerpt on your website.

Once you get the reader’s attention, put your best foot forward and make sure on one of your dates you show them an eye-appealing book cover for your new book. If you don’t have a book cover yet; don’t fret; the reader is not going to turn you down just because you don’t have the cover yet. In fact, with a catchy title and unique premise, readers will be salivating at the mouth to see you unveil your cover.

While building up a solid relationship with the reader, make sure you keep communication open. Communicate your release dates and where your books will be sold.

Readers, just like lovers, like gifts. Don’t hesitate to offer prizes for purchasing your book. Don’t forget about your faithful mailing list subscribers either. I know it may be hard when you have so many potential lovers, but you must treat each one as if they are special.

Also remember just like you, readers love others; so there’s no need to hate. There’s enough love to go around. Cross-promote with other writers and reach more book lovers. When the “release” date finally arrives, don’t be shy.

After courting the reader, the reader decides if they will take you up on an exclusive relationship for X amount of hours by purchasing and reading your book. When the reader picks up your book, they are expecting to be taken on a journey. Let the journey be enticing and enthralling so that your book lover won’t hesitate to tell their friends about the great love they’ve found in your book. In the book love fest, the more the merrier and the pleasure you’ll get from hearing about a book club selecting your book is immeasurable.

If you build a solid relationship with your readers, they will look forward to your next release. Continue to learn ways to improve your techniques and hopefully with each book release, you will gain more book lovers.

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7 thoughts on “The Writer’s Love Affair

  1. Jennifer C.

    This is one of my weak areas. I am such a shy person. I feel weird talking about myself and/or my work. I am so used to staying in the background. I guess I have to break out of my shell.

    1. Deatri Post author

      Believe it or not, many authors are introverts and the Internet makes us seem like extroverts. I guess this virtual world has created a bunch of virtual extroverts.

      You’ll get better at it. Hang in there.

    2. Shelia Goss

      Jennifer, I am very shy and would rather stay in the background, but I’ve learned can’t nobody talk about your books better than you can 🙂 To break yourelf out of it, pretend like you’re one of your characters but it’s not your character, it’s the not-shy Jennifer 🙂 and it’ll become easier and easier to break out of that shell. If I can do it, you can too 🙂

  2. Niambi Davis

    I’m getting better (coming off life support in this area. I have lots of contacts and friends but I still need a swift infusion of “how to get the word out” – thanks for this post.

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